Prevents eye damage from harmful rays of light emitted during gas welding and work in front of a high-temperature furnace.

Prevents eye damage from harmful rays of light emitted during gas welding and work in front of a high-temperature furnace.

Protective equipment for light shielding protects the eyes and face from strong light and heat generated during welding. There are glasses and goggles types, those that attach to your own glasses, and headgear types. The LCD welding face shield automatically shades the eyes when it detects strong light such as arc light, which is an advantage in terms of safety, workability, and productivity.

Tips on choosing WELDING SAFETY

Points for selection
Select the shade number that meets the usage standards of the target work.
Target works
Welding and cutting works of iron and steel such as shipbuilding, construction, steelmaking, etc., and work that generates harmful rays, or work performed in the vicinity of such work.
Arc welding (shielding metal, gas shielding, arc air gouging), gas welding, plasma jet cutting, high heat work, etc.

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Based on our core technology of controlling light, which we have been accumulating for over 100 years since our foundation, we have been developing industrial safety eyewear, including laser safety glasses, and various types of protective equipment.

Also, using our filter technology built up over 30 years, we have been pioneering the industry by developing dust masks and powered air-purifying respirators and continue to present new products to the market.

Moving forward, it is Yamamoto Kogaku's hope to support not only the bodily safety of workers but all aspects of people's lifestyles for safer, more comfortable living environments.

  • Light control technology
    Light control technology
    At worksites with welding, laser processing, and other such jobs, intense, yet invisible light like UV rays and infrared rays are emitted from high-output equipment in high amounts, harming workers' eyes. Yamamoto Kogaku products absorb, reflect, permeate, and polarize particular light and wavelengths for optional and various aspects of control, in turn offering workers safety and heightened performance.
  • Coating technology
    Coating technology
    Lens coating is a deciding factor in glasses functionality including work efficiency and vision safety. From the addition of fundamental anti-fogging and stain resistance abilities in lenses to offering reflection rates, wavelength attributes, and other light-related abilities, a variety of possibilities unfold relating to the environment of use and function requirements.
  • Safety structure design
    Safety structure design
    Yamamoto Kogaku is the only manufacturer in Japan to consolidate in-house lens development grounded in specialized optical function and frame design based on ergonomics showcasing the full extent of the lens' capabilities as well as the consequent production and sale.
    We offer safety products in line with numerous standards, including JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), EN (Europäische Norm, or European Standard), and CE (Conformité Européenne, or European Conformity) marking.
  • Filter technology
    Filter technology
    Our high-performance filter technology, providing high filtration rate and low ventilation resistance, is employed in numerous products, such as powered air-purifying respirator PAPR, dust masks with respiratory assist devices, and disposable dust masks, which passed the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's type certification (National Assay) and allows for a clear field of vision and safe breathing conditions for workers.